A cutting edge company, an absolute certainty for those who target sensitive, demanding sectors.

Since 1997, HT Control has been designing and manufacturing customizable control and monitoring platforms for commercial, pharmaceutical and medical refrigerating equipment, technically advanced systems with outstandingly high quality standards for food safety and health reasons

HT Control is a division of Alfa Elettronica, a company that has been designing, engineering and manufacturing electronic systems since 1985. A constantly expanding company, HT Control shares the same experience and highly trained staff, and also the desire to openly face the challenge of evolving technologies, anticipating changes, and operating with a mature logic of sharing management and manufacturing processes

Quality, usability, safety and efficiency of systems offered, combined with a consultancy service with a solid ability to provide custom solutions, have allowed HT Control to win the approval of the major manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, particularly for pharmaceutical and medical, an even more important acknowledgement because it comes from those who target sensitive and particularly demanding sectors.

HT Control is able to support the customer in every phase of supply, from the required specific system concept to after-sales service

Innovation, shown also in our ability to help our customers innovate in their turn, is what feeds the trust that the most important Italy refrigeration companies, particularly pharmaceutical and medical, place in HT Control.

Besides this, guaranteed delivery times also affirm HT Control’s benchmark company status for the most demanding markets.

HT Control control platforms are designed for:

  • Refrigerators, freezers and display chillers for the restaurant and catering industry
  • Cold rooms
  • Upright chillers and chilled counters for cake shops and ice cream parlours
  • Pharmaceutical product storage refrigerators
  • Medical laboratory refrigerators and freezers
  • Refrigerated transport