Invidia Cold

Temperature controller for wireless autonomous vehicles with diesel group.

COLD ENVY The control system consists of a control cabin by a card with remote control keyboard interface Matrix located in the motor unit. The connection between the control cabin and the Remote tab is via radio by eliminating the classic cable connect sottopianale.

Major Features
The system shall envy when the diesel engine of any generator, control temperatures and defrost in the way and the road network, recording and reporting of functional failure of the system and chiller unit to control the presence of phases and the proper direction of rotation of the electric motor.


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Technical specifications:

Control cabin

  • Dimensions L150xH50xP60 mm
  • Command 16×2 LCD display and jog to 3 degrees of freedom
  • Power: 8-30 Vdc

Command Matrix

  • Dimensions L130xH130xP20 mm
  • Command 16×2 LCD display and keyboard with 8 keys

Remote tab

  • Dimensions tab L290xH210xP20 mm
  • Fuel switching: 9-30 Vdc
  • Inputs: N° 24 analog/digital/4-20mA
  • Exit n° 24 relay mecc. / solid state relays