Evolution Controller

High performance temperature controller for engine driven or electric compressor with serial cable to connect to cabin control system.


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Technical specifications:

Technical specifications of the cabin control system

  • Dimensions: L150mm, H50mm, D45 mm
  • 10-30 Vdc power supply from remote control panel
  • Input for voltage signal activated by ignition key
  • Fastened by means of a bracket or provided with a kit for installation in the radio compartment
  • 2 x 16 alphanumerical display
  • JOG knob
  • Serial port to connect to the remote control panel
  • Serial port to connect to GSM-GPRS connectivity module
  • IrdA port to connect to the portable printer

Technical specifications of the remote control panel

  • Dimensions: 150×100mm
  • 10-30 Vdc power supply
  • Fastened using spacers or fitted into a box and hung from a DIN bar
  • Serial port for connection to cabin control system
  • 12 inputs/outputs and solid state on multipin connector
  • Event log clock with back-up battery
  • SD memory card slot
  • 128Kb internal memory for temperature log
  • Serial cable to connect to cabin control system

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