HTNX Split

HT Control HTNX Compact

Temperature controller with split module dedicated to refrigerating display cases for gelato and pastry.


  • Control temperature and humidity
  • Defrost management:
    – A time machine
    – A compressor with storage time
    – Smart (automatically detects the presence of frost)
    – Real-time Time Clock
    – Manual keyboard
  • Registration HACCP alarms
  • Condenser fan control On / Off and heat
  • Control condenser fan choking
  • Evaporator fan control choking
  • InfoTest: functional test procedure
  • List failures, door openings and defrosting

Data Logger Series
The controller performs the recording of two channels of temperature. The memory capacity is likely to record every 20 minutes an entrance for about four months. Using the optional infrared transceiver Pocket Data you can receive and retransmit the data to a PC through dedicated serial interface. The values of temperature and humidity can be printed in graphical form through the oversight program for PC ColdMaster.


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Technical specifications:

Keyboard tab

  • Dimensions L162xH76xP19 mm
  • Interface with 16×2 LCD display and 6-button keypad: On / Off-aux-menu-enter-up-down

Remote tab

  • Dimensions L245xH72xP20 mm
  • Power 12 Vac – 6VA
  • Inputs: 4 NTC probes – 2 Digital – 4 x 4-20mA
  • Outputs: No 8 x 8A – No 1x 30A single phase 2HP – No 2 x 400VA with optional module Fasec

HTNX Split complete configuration



HTNX Split Remote