HTWO Standard

HTWO is a temperature controller featuring dual microcontrollers with main temperature control (LCP section) and independent safety monitor (LCS section) functions: the compressor and defrost sections have a double relay (solid state for active load switching and electromechanical cut-out in cases of uncontrolled cell temperature and defrost). Two independent NTC inputs can be used to monitor situations not covered by the standard adjustment system. The two mechanical safety relays switch on and off at no-load condition. Continuous communication between the LCP and LCS microcontrollers makes it possible to check that the intended system status coincides with actual machine status. HTWO is supplied in the Standard version (LCP functions only) and Full version (integrated LCS system).


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Technical specifications:

  • 3 NTC inputs (-60°C/+60°C) for standard control function
  • 2 independent NTC inputs (-60°C/+60°C) dedicated to safety supervision
  • 1 configurable NA/NC door switch
  • 1 x 4-20mA input for humidity probe
  • 1 x 25A compressor output
  • 1 x 8A defrost output
  • 1 x 5A evaporator fan output
  • 1 x 5A condenser fan output
  • 3 x 5A programmable outputs
  • WiFi and Internet ready with additional modules (remote control and data upload/ download)
  • Additional boards including customised ones (e.g. PT100) can be connected
  • 230V or 115V power supply
  • RTC with integrated backup battery
  • Double faston-fastoff terminals on outputs for connection of multiple loads in parallel
  • Solid state LCP and LCS alarm outputs (OptoMOS clean contact)
  • HACCP functions with temperature alarms and blackout management
  • Timed, manual and intelligent defrost functions (SmartDefrost with patented algorithm)
  • Solid state compressor and defrost outputs (with electromechanical safety relays in series)
  • Programmable load relays functionaccording to relay matrix parameter set-up
  • NiMh 9.6V battery (power back-up management)
  • Optional double output 485 Modbus/USB (temperature logging and system status)
  • Parameter programming with WizardKey or by PC SW
  • Optional thermal printer output
  • Optional DisKey front panel to manage both the LCP and the LCS parts
  • Board dimensions: 202 mm x 112 mm

HTWO Standard block diagram

Power Connections

Input/output connections