HTWL Backup

Temperature and defrost controller with battery back-up and alarm management.


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Technical specifications:

  • Size. Remote tab: L202 x H72 mm
  • Dima keyboard Dimensions: L150x H32 mm
  • Alphanumeric display 1×16 col. Backlit
  • Keyboard with four buttons: UP, DW, OK, MENU
  • Power supply from mains 230 Vac 50/60Hz
  • Measurement range: -50°C +50°C
  • Resolution: 0.5°C

Remote Inputs tab

  • S1 NTC control
  • S2 NTC evaporator
  • S3 probe or probe alarms capacitor
  • S4 digital door switch / pressure
  • S5 battery 12Vdc 2A / h of back-up

Outputs remote adapter

  • 6 relays configurable 30-8-5-5-5

Actions implemented
Cool, Defrost, Fan Evaporator, Condenser Fan, Light, Load auxiliary alarm, door frame Condensation Resistance, Hot, On / off the printer, active load, Cold zona2, defrost

Main functions

  • User interface in 4 languages
  • Alarm buzzer with recurrence
  • Alarm relay with dry contact NO / NC.
  • Adjustable setpoint at Central
  • Security thermostat probe fails
  • Password shutdown and change setpoints
  • Detection of ice on the blades package
  • Monitoring and recording of the following events
    1. temperature alarms
    2. fault energy: no network, network failure, faulty battery
    3. functional failure
    4. traffic door
    5. defrosts
  • Battery charging circuit
  • Autonomy in the absence network of about 12 hours
  • Test the buzzer, battery voltage and temperature limits
  • Infomatrix: On-Board Diagnostic LEDs

HTWL Backup

Output electronic diagram