HTSLS is an independent device for monitoring the interior temperature of multi-purpose cold rooms and its defrost system. The safety logic activation values are set by means of rotary switches situated directly on the panel provided with immediate display of temperature values. Activation of the safety logic (when temperature limit values are exceeded) opens the associated RL1 and RL2 relays, while relay RL3 turns on the alarm. Resetting of the safety logic can be configured as manual or automatic by means of the dip switch on the panel. Port 485 can be used to communicate with the system being monitored or to connect the optional USB temperature logging module. A DisKey can be connected for complete operating parameter programming and to display temperatures and the current status.


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Technical specifications:

  • 2 NTC inputs (-55°C/+60°C)
  • 1 30A compressor safety logic output
  • 1 10A defrosting safety logic output
  • 1 8A SPDT alarm output
  • Selection of temperature limits for safety logic activation by means of rotary switches (0°C/+9°C for the compressor and 0°C/+99°C for defrosting)
  • Setting of automatic or manual mode for the compressor and defrosting section by means of a dip switch
  • 485 port
  • DisKey connection port
  • Connector for external manual reset push button and external LED lights informing that compressor and defrosting relays are activated
  • Connector for external buzzer

HTSLS Full block diagram

HTSLS Preliminary layout